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10 Thin Futuristic Fonts Inspired by Geometry

Geometry is the essence of all natural formation. Although creativity often shakes itself free from rulers and compasses, it also works with them to build something marvellous. Keeping this in mind, we have sorted out 10 geometric fonts that are thin to look at but make a bold impression.

1. Luciana

Manh Nguyen
 has designed a hairline font that reflects the modern woman and everything summer. This beautiful typeface comes in seven variations of letter swashes that, when combined, bring a gorgeous look in the design.

Luciana is free for personal use but you may have to contact Manh for using it commercially.

Free download here

2. Universe

Designed by Vincent Labonne, Universe is a typeface that seems to be out of a sci-fi book cover. With some smart play, the font can create stunning effects both as short body content and as a header text.

It is free for commercial use.

Free download here (direct download)

3. Quarz 974 Light

Quartz, as the name goes, is composed of thin lines and triangles. Designer Domenico Ruffo has created this typeface in upper case only, thus making it exclusively suitable for logos, header fonts and posters.

The font is free for commercial purposes.

Free download here

4. Elixia

Created by Kimmy Lee, this font draws its inspiration from the hexagonal grid system. With its unique shape, proportions and strict geometric patterns, Elixia exhibits a mix of medieval and modern looks.

This, however, is not a free font. To use it, you’ll have to invest a small sum of $20 only.

Purchase here

5. Eiforya

Created by the same genius who designed Luciana, this typeface gives us another glimpse into Manh Nguyen’s creativity. Inspired by alien language from sci-fi movies, the font has several variations that ranges from alien styles to native scripts to hipster styles. It’s the perfect set to mix and match, and play with glyphs.

Eiforya is free for use in commercial projects.

Free download here

6. Electro

Electro is the Jarvis of fonts. Along with its sharp edges, geometric patterns and powerful typeface, it also supports 27 languages. This brilliance comes from Alex Haigh’s foundry Thinkdust.

To expect that such a smart font would be available for free would be pure naivety. For just £15 you can get the full commercial license with all the extended character support for the languages.

Purchase here

7. UFO Nest

Pretty alien looking, ha? UFO Nest takes its inspiration from crop circles, that were, and sometimes still are, debated to be created by aliens. Designer Adam Rob has based this typeface on circular patterns and how they can be used to create a font.

It is free for personal use. You may, however, need to contact Adam for commercial use of this font.

Free download here

8. Sacred Geometry

Aleksandra Slowik presents us this remarkable font from the heart of sacred symbolism and geometry. On close observation, you’d notice that it is composed of sacred symbols, totems, astrological elements etc.

This awesomeness can be yours for $12 only. Sorry, awesomeness has a price!

Purchase here

9. Fina

Ultra thin, ultra light, ultra stylish. Designer Yai Salinas has designed Fina specifically as a header font. The upper case set comes with thin arrows and diamond shapes while the lower case comes without these. Both are capital letters, by the way.

The font is free for use for all projects.

Free download here

10. Rometric

When designer Tom Richardson created Rometric, he was heavily inspired by the Wellington City Gallery. Influenced by the neo classic architecture, the typeface features modern angles and geometric shapes, and emphasizes the importance of the city gallery as a place to explore the old and new trends of the artistic world.

You can use the font for all projects for free.

Free download here

What would you like to discover next? The universe is filled with inspiration and creativity. Just let us know, and we will find some for you.