Our Process

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Web Design Process

It's a blend of some fine ingredients, and a swish of the wand.

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The first ingredient is a load of UX research, mixed with long hours of discussion, so as to delve into the depths of the problem.

Stepping into the user’s shoes is the secret towards achieving customer engagement.

Define UX UI


The next task is to carefully lay out the results of the homework, and slice the problem into multiple layers, thus identifying the different areas to be addressed, including the core of the problem.

Questioning every step of the problem can lead to a secret, underlying problem that ultimately turns out to be the main issue needed to tackle.

Web Design UX UI


Here comes the best part: brewing the solution. We love the power of magic and intuition but prefer using logic, empathy and a thorough understanding of human psychology.

The design is basically the map to the product’s success.

Delivering Web Design


Tasting the end product is the last but not the least important step. Did we say “tasting”? Sorry! We meant “testing”.

Clickable prototypes help to identify any pain points that users find in the product.

It's a kind of magic!

Let's Create Magic