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Top 10 UI UX Design Agencies Across the Globe 2023

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are vital components for web and mobile application development. UI/UX design agencies are innovative makers of intuitive, interactive, and visually appealing interfaces that help users effortlessly navigate through various applications and websites. With technological advancement, the demand for skilled UI/UX designers is elevating. This scenario is the reason why companies are searching for top UI/UX design agencies to outsource design projects for innovative outcomes.

But in an ocean of brands that claim to be the best at what they do, how is one supposed to pick the one that would suit them the most?

You may push your worries aside for we’re here with a list of the best UI/UX design agencies from across the globe to help you know the features and attributes that keep them at the top of their game.

Why Outsource to UI/UX Design Agencies?

Trust us when we say that creating designs is not a layman’s job. One needs the knowledge and skills to work on various designs and make them functional and visually attractive. This is where UI/UX design companies come to the rescue. Hiring a UI/UX design agency saves you both time and resources. With a pool of diverse talents with several years of experience, these companies provide their clients with a unique perspective.

One of the many skills of a team of UI/UX designers is to comprehend user behaviour. This expertise is necessary for having an in-depth knowledge of what the end-customer might prefer, and moulding the entire user experience, including the design, accordingly. Through careful research, testing and iterative design processing, good designers offer not only a product of supreme quality but also a memorable experience.

Top 10 UI/UX Design Agencies Changing the World of Design

The best UI/UX design agencies develop unique strategies concerned with the application and web development lifecycles. We bring you some of the best UI/UX agencies to enhance your web experience and help you boost overall revenue.

1. Design Studio

Not wishing to brag, but Design Studio is indeed one of the leading companies in the field of design. We believe in amalgamating the right ideas with technology to give robust interpretations appropriate for the domain of a particular venture. Our team members have mastered the craft of creating an out-of-the-world digital experience for each of our clients, and that is evident from our recurring customer rate.

With a human-centred design approach, Design Studio focuses on the requirements and preferences of customers to create distinct designs. Our experienced design team unites with customers to research, curate user persona, and use iterative design processes to refine their product and deliver a finished product that goes beyond mere customer satisfaction.

Design Studio offers an array of services that include mobile app design, web app design, website design as well as design for wearables and e-Commerce. User engagement is what drives each of the operations happening in this company.

For years Design Studio have been associated with prominent names in various industries like banking and fintech, telecommunications, retail, education, healthcare and social assistance, along with digital realities.

Design Studio has a simplified and optimal working process to take your business to the next level. From discovering the problem areas and addressing them with extensive research to designing and delivering an ideal result, Design Studio keeps no stone unturned to strengthen customer association.

2. UX Studio

UX Studio is a research-driven UI/UX design agency that has spread its wings globally. They have a strong team of diversified talent with a zeal to create something unique for everyone who associates with them. The motto of this company is to bring a notable change in their client’s ROI and help them implement UI/UX design in the best way. Their list of clients includes names like Google, Netflix, HBO and Samsung, among others.

With a multi-domain expertise, UX Studio provides a faster and richer user experience, compared to many others in the industry.

3. MetaLab

Homepage of MetaLab, a UI/UX design agency.

In the 17 years of their journey, MetaLab has worked out design solutions for hundreds of clients including both startups and star brands. They are a team of over 150 creative people who passionately come up with solutions that adhere to the global design ecosystem. Always agile in addressing customer queries, they keep on exploring new aspects.

The team at MetaLab has a proven portfolio with numerous happy customers, some of them being Uber, Slack Headspace and Apple. From ed tech platforms to domains in commerce, they have expertise in multiple sectors, making them one of the top firms across the globe.

4. Frog

Homepage of Frog, a UI/IX design agency.

Frog is a well-known and one of the oldest digital consulting firms that have gained mastery in product design and engineering with over 50 years of excellence. What makes their motto different from others in the business is that they aim to build a sustainable and inclusive future for all. Their team helps validate ideas and identify product gaps that need to be filled in order to provide the optimum result. It enhances a company’s performance by elevating the product’s vision. From user experience design to product consulting practices, this company has got you covered in the best possible way.

Through extensive research on UX, it catalyses creation and helps clients discover their progress. With their state-of-the-art facilities, they can leverage success for businesses in numerous domains.

5. Work & Co.

Homepage of Work & Co., a UI/UX design agency.

Work & Co. is set to transform companies with innovative digital products. The company has made a family of 500 people within 5 years of its journey. The innovative team works together to design the future of each client, putting their trust in them. It leads people to bridge gaps between them and their vision. With IKEA, Disney and Lyft being some of the names in their client list, the team has worked on hundreds of projects and has touched the lives of millions of people with positivity.

6. Sparklin

Homepage of Sparklin, a UI/UX design agency.

Since its existence in 2010, Sparklin has kept its vision simple, to provide a fresh and creative approach to design and gift a eureka moment to everyone collaborating with them. Their team carefully studies every domain before working on them.

Sparklin uses innovative graphic design as its powerful tool to mend the gaps and keep an organisation growing. The team lives and breathes design; it keeps brainstorming ideas to come up with unthinkable ideas. Be it large or small, whatever your UX UI design requirement, they are happy to serve and find an answer in a distinct manner.

7. Lollypop Design

By amalgamating ideas, skills, technology, and emotions, Lollypop Design brews the finest products suiting their clients’ needs to the highest standards. With billions of dollars raised as funding, this company is a winner of over 30 awards. The solutions that this company offers are loved by their clients and their respective customers, yielding millions of downloads and tons of engagement.

To give shape to your application or if you need any design service, their team will promptly help you with their products and services.

8. Userfacet

Homepage of Userfacet, a UI/UX design agency.

Based in Bangalore, India, Userfacet has shaped the future of over 100 companies worldwide. They are on a mission to use technology and system approaches to enable disruptive innovations to make you stand at the top.

They have an interdisciplinary team of UI/UX designers, researchers, software developers and marketing and sales specialists who are connoisseurs in their own departments. This diversity brings out fresh and solid perspectives and expertise that create out-of-the-box products.

9. Ideo

Homepage of Ideo, a UI/UX design agency.

This design agency of over 30 years augments user experience with strategic and unconventional UI/UX designs. Ideo focuses on making a digital transformation with a non-traditional approach and unique creations. They are an empathy-driven design team that crafts prominent solutions that are mapped as per the client’s preference. 

From defining the problem to ideation and making a prototype, it tests and gets to an answer that seconds none. It has made a difference in the lives of thousands across the globe with unparalleled services and achievements.

10. Clay

Homepage of Clay Global, a UI/UX design agency.

Clay is a San Francisco-based design company that works in a different fashion than other UI/UX design agencies. With its exclusive strategies and innovative minds working together, they have managed to work with some of the most popular organisations like Coca-Cola and Facebook.  

They have a commendable portfolio that speaks of their work. They are a process-driven organisation powered by psychology, cognitive, and behavioural science. They are into outcome-based delivery to keep their clients coming back to them for a further enhanced experience.


The UI/UX design industry is ever-evolving, and choosing the right company catalyses the culmination of your vision. If you want to find an eminent place in your industry, choosing a professional UI/UX agency can accelerate your pace. These agencies have their own ethics and goals and give their customers the first preferences while designing or altering any product or service. Whether you have a small venture or a large corporation, these agencies can mitigate your need for a design overhaul.